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Basis IOL + AddOn Trifocal = Liberty²

The Dual-lens system Liberty2 is an application of the trifocal AddOn IOL to achieve visual freedom for pseudophakic patients who desire a trifocal upgrade or for patients that require reversible trifocality.

What are the key benefits of Liberty²?

  • Upgrade patients to trifocality and improve their quality of life by reducing the need for spectacles.
  • Combine the AddOn IOL independently of the patients' primary lens status.
  • Provide a highly individualized and precise treatment outcome with over 3300 potential refractive power combinations.
  • Land your patient at the desired target refraction with your preferred surgical intervention technique.
  • Reverse the procedure in case the patient`s visual outcome requires it.

The Functional Principle of Liberty²

The Dual-lens system Liberty² can be explained by way of comparison:

In modern camera objectives a combination of multiple lenses provides for an optimal image quality in different lighting conditions, object sizes and distances.

Liberty² follows this principle.

The focal adjustment in the Dual-lens system is enabled by the AddOn IOL, adding the function of sharp vision at short and intermediate distances.

Who is the ideal candidate for Liberty²?

Typically, surgeons opt for Liberty² as their preferred trifocal solution in the following cases:

  • Monofocal pseudophakic patients desiring spectacle independence through a trifocal upgrade
  • Presbyopic patients requiring an option of reversibility (neuroadaption risks)

This is what Experts say about Liberty²

In many eye doctors’ offices and clinics Liberty² has become an important therapeutic module for the treatment of presbyopia.

We tested the Liberty² optic on the optical bench of the David J Apple Laboratory at the Heidelberg University Eye Clinic. The test revealed that the additional interfaces, as compared to the classical MIOL, do not impair the optical quality whatsoever. As a matter of principle, the multifocality is reversible and may be geared to meet the requirements of the patient quite individually. This proves a major benefit of the Liberty² optic.

Prof. Ramin Khoramnia, MD, Heidelberg University Eye Clinic/Germany

The Liberty² optic with its progressive trifocal array is just great. The options to combine the two lenses are providing a high degree of adaptability to cope with refractive situations. Both handling and safety of the system are convincing.

Prof. Gangolf Sauder, MD, Head of Charlottenklinik für Augenheilkunde, Stuttgart/Germany

I feel comfortable with the offensive approach: a planned 2-step trifocality with Basis IOL in the capsular bag and the AddOn trifocal in the sulcus. The superindication for this technique is RLE or post lasic cataract surgery. Refractive surprises shall be avoided completely.

Kjell Gunnar Gundersen, MD, IFOCUS Eyeclinic Haugesund/Norway

I am excited and very pleased to be able to deliver an alternative to current practice for using multifocal IOL’s. In those patients that are unsure but still want the opportunity for near visual acuity, the dual-lens system provides a simple alternative and reversible technique to single multifocal IOL in the bag.  

Brian Harrisberg, MD, Principal Ophthalmologist & Director of Central Sydney Eye Surgeons, Sydney, Australia

Until today, our surgical options for pseudophakic patients desiring spectacle-free life were limited to IOL replacement. But now we have Liberty2 with excellent visual results. My patients gained excellent near and intermendiate vision, including correction for distance in specific cases. All this with a simple surgery without the risk of surgical complications of IOL exchange. This is a new revolution in refractive surgery.

Levent Akçay, MD, Dünya Göz Hastanesi Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

The Addon sulcus IOL portfolio have been a terrific addition to the refractive options I can offer my patients. The Trifocal Addon provides superb reading vision and allows patients to maintain binocularity in a solution that is easily reversible. The Addon platform engenders enormous confidence in meeting my patients' visual goals.

James Genge, MD, Freedom Eye Laser, Northern Beaches Eye Surgery, NSW, Australia

I am convinced of this concept. Liberty² enables me to provide my patients with the best trifocal eye care currently available. It offers the option for lens exchange or retrofit at any time in the event of whatever kind of intolerance or improvements as future technologies emerge. This is its most important benefit in my opinion.

Thomas Kohm, MD, Argus Augenklinik, Karlsruhe/Germany
Once the first enthusiastic Liberty² patients had shown up with excellent results, we felt encouraged to further promote the dual-lens system, even for clear-lens patients. Liberty² enables me to provide quite individual care for my patients in the future. 
Harald Gäckle, MD, Augenlaserzentrum Neu-Ulm/Germany

The Liberty² implantation procedure, combining Basis IOL and AddOn in one intervention, works without any problem, and the AddOn centration in the sulcus proves definitely very good. As of now, the Dual-Lens System of 1stQ will always be mentioned as a surgical option of the patient information provided in our ophthalmic practice.

Ulrich Berens, MD, Karlsruhe/Germany

I have tried it on myself. I now have Liberty² in both eyes. I am getting along well again without spectacles in all circumstances. This gives me a new kind of life awareness with a feeling of freedom after many years of constraints with varifocal glasses.

Rüdiger Dworschak, Graduate Engineer, Founder and CEO 1stQ

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Alfred Traub
Global AddOn® Manager