Basis IOLs
The widest variety in the capsular bag

For the best possible individual vision after lens exchange.

Wide variety of excellent IOL solutions

As your IOL partner, we focus entirely on your implantation needs so that you can conveniently offer your patients the best treatment in comfort. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of models for the capsular bag – from monofocal to toric-trifocal, hydrophilic and hydrophobic, in clear and yellow as well as preloaded and non-preloaded versions.

Features for the highest demands:

  • Four model series with different IOL designs and Z-haptics or multi-loop haptics (Basis Q, Basis Z, 611 HPS)
  • Depending on the model, the supply range exceeds what is customary on the market in terms of sphere/SEQ and cylinder
  • Undisturbed quality of vision thanks to premium-quality hydrophilic and hydrophobic acrylics
  • Optimized contrast vision thanks to aspheric optics design
  • High image quality through reduced chromatic aberration
  • Extended secondary cataract protection thanks to a 360-degree circumferential edge as a cell barrier
  • Reliable target refraction due to optimized A constants
  • Natural color perception and enhanced retina protection thanks to the “Natural Yellow” blue light filter

The Basis Z trifocal is an aspheric capsular bag lens providing trifocal function in cataract or refractive lens exchange.

The Basis Z EDOF is an aspheric capsular bag lens with EDOF optics. Distance and intermediate visual acuity are achieved through Wavefront Linking (non-diffractive optics design).

Basis IOLs for the capsular bag were developed in alignment with the vision function of the healthy eye and cover the entire range of visual functions.

Individualized presbyopia correction

The innovative dual lens system enables increased spectacle independence and a unique degree of freedom.

Questions about 1stQ basis IOLs

What is covered by the term “basis IOL”?

Basis IOL refers to all 1stQ artificial lenses that are implanted in the capsular bag, regardless of their haptics design, material or optics. The term originated as a distinction from 1stQ AddOn® IOLs, which are inserted into the sulcus.

What do the letters in the names of the basis IOL models stand for?

The letters provide information about the haptics design. The 1stQ Basis IOL portfolio includes various designs. The Q of the Basis Q stands for multi-loop haptics. (aaaaaaaa ) The Z of the Basis Z stands for Z-haptics.

What are the standard features of 1stQ Basis IOL?

In addition to their extensive supply range and comprehensive selection of optics – from monofocal via EDOF to toric-trifocal – our basis lenses are made of high-quality hydrophilic and hydrophobic acrylates. An aspheric optics design and a 360° sharp circumferential edge as a cell barrier are a matter of course. Not to mention a UV filter and – in nearly all models – a “natural yellow” blue light filter. A relatively low chromatic aberration compared with the market ensures consistently high image quality.

How wide is the supply range of 1stQ Basis IOLs?

Depending on the model series, the supply range exceeds what is customary on the market in terms of sphere/SEQ and cylinder. The Basis Z, for example, is available with an SEQ of -10 D to +45 D. However, if this supply range is not enough, “out-of-range” orders can also be placed with us (within the framework of the requirements of the Medical Device Directive, or MDR). Feel free to contact us with your specific case.

Are all Basis IOLs suitable for the Liberty² dual lens system?

Yes, in principle all 1stQ basis lenses are suitable for the Liberty² dual lens system. All Basis IOLs are compatible with the AddOn sulcus lens and can be implanted in the eye in a two-stage or single-stage procedure.

And what quality standards apply to Basis IOLs?

Naturally, like all 1stQ intraocular lenses, basis lenses for the capsular bag are also subject to thorough quality control during production. For example, the refractive power of every single IOL is measured before undergoing a final inspection. We thus voluntarily exceed the necessary quality requirements. More information under Quality.


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