Basis Z

clear hydrophilic non-preloaded yellow

The Basis Z hydrophilic is a monofocal aspheric capsular bag lens (available in clear and yellow) with a spherical refractive power of -10 D to +45 D.

The Basis Z
sophisticated design, proven application.

Technical specifications

A-constant* 118.943 (SRK/T)
Haigis-constants* a0 = 0.1657 a1 = 0.3113 a2 = 0.1631
Hoffer Q* 5.529 (pACD)
Holladay 1* 1.76 (SF)
Holladay 2* 5.52 (ACD)
Barrett* 1.85 (LF); -1.0 (DF)
*As of IOL Con 03/2023
Refractive Index 1,46
Abbe No. 58
Lens type One-piece posterior chamber lens
Sterilisation Steam
Material biocompatible hydrophilic acrylic (25 %)
Injection system 1stInject 1.8 to 30.0 D, 1stInject 2.0HB, 1stInject 2.4HB
Haptic Z-haptics, 0° angulation
Filter UV filter, blue light filter (optional)
Optic aspheric optics, 360-degree cell barrier

Basis IOLs

The widest variety in the capsular bag: Thanks to a variety of lens designs, optics and materials, the right IOL solution is always at hand.


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