Basis Q trifocal

hydrophilic non-preloaded yellow

The Basis Q trifocal is an aspheric capsular bag lens providing trifocal function in cataract or refractive lens exchange – available with +3.5 D addition for near vision. With EPS technology for visual acuity at all distances, while minimizing dysphotopsias.

The Basis Q trifocal
Trifocality thanks to EPS technology – fewer diffractive rings for increased spectacle independence

Technical specifications

A-constant* 118.9 (SRK/T)
Haigis-constants* a0 = 1.243 a1 = 0.400 a2 = 0.100
Hoffer Q* 5.46 (pACD)
Holladay 1* 1.67 (SF)
Holladay 2* 5.49 (ACD)
Barrett* 1.83 (LF); N/A (DF)
*As of IOL Con 03/2023
Refractive Index 1,46
Abbe No. 58
Lens type One-piece posterior chamber lens
Sterilisation Steam
Material biocompatible hydrophilic acrylic (25 %)
Injection system 1stInject 1.8 to 30.0 D, 1stInject 2.0HB, 1stInject 2.4HB
Haptic Multi-loop haptics, 0° angulation
Filter UV filter, blue light filter (optional)
Optic aspheric optics, 360-degree cell barrier

Trifocality through elevated phase shift

The Basis Q trifocal uses innovative EPS technology. This means: optimized image quality, minimized glistening and outstanding trifocal performance.(1)

Schematic drawing showing the utilization of constructive interferences for creating an intermediate peak through EPS technology

Basis IOLs

The widest variety in the capsular bag: Thanks to a variety of lens designs, optics and materials, the right IOL solution is always at hand.


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