AddOn® trifocal

clear hydrophilic non-preloaded

The AddOn trifocal is a sulcus lens for trifocal upgrades in pseudophakic eyes – available with +2.25 D or +3 D addition for near vision and, if required, a spherical refractive power of -5 D to +5 D.

1st INJECT Instrument

Single-use manual injector for the implantation of an AddOn IOL into the sulcus.

Recommended incision size

From 1.8 to 2.4 mm, depending on the cartridge size. Recommended for AddOn: 2.0 to 2.4 mm.


Cartridge + injector in blister; 1 disposable injection kit per box.


Silicone plunger for push injections.

Shelf life

3 years after sterilization.


Special click-lock system and guide rails for the easy placement of the lens.

The AddOn trifocal
The trifocal upgrade for subsequent spectacle independence in pseudophakic eyes.

Technical specifications

Refractive Index 1,46
Abbe No. 58
Lens type One-piece sulcus lens
Sterilisation Steam
Material biocompatible hydrophilic acrylic (25 %)
Injection system 1st INJECT 2.0HB, 1st INJECT 2.4HB
Haptic 4 flex-haptics
Filter UV filter
Optic spheric
Optic form convex-concave

The upgrade for
pseudophakic eyes

The patented sulcus lens for optimized refraction results or subsequent upgrades for increased spectacle independence.

What users are saying

“I use the AddOn lens frequently in clinical practice to expand my options for refractive upgrades or corrections because of its dependable stability.”

Sathish Srinivasan MD, FRCSEd, FRCOphth, FACS, United Kingdom

“I feel very comfortable and safe with planned two-stage trifocality with a Basis IOL in the capsular bag and a trifocal AddOn in the sulcus. The superindication for this technique is RLE or post-LASIK cataract surgery. Refractive surprises should thus be entirely eliminated.”

Kjell Gunnar Gundersen MD, PhD, Norway

“The AddOn can be used to bring pseudophakic patients back to their visual comfort zone at any time.”

Erik L. Mertens MD, FEBO, Belgium

“The AddOn with trifocal array is just great. In combination with the capsular bag lens it provides a high degree of adaptability to refractive situations. Handling and safety are convincing.”

Prof. Dr. Gangolf Sauder MD, Germany

“The main benefit of implanting a trifocal AddOn lens is the relative ease of reversibility at any given time […]. This is a smart option for patients who are particularly uncertain about how to handle aberrations from multifocal IOLs.”

Brian Harrisberg MD, MBBCh, FRACS, FRANZCO, Australia


Doctors brochure – AddOn®
Brochure for doctors
datasheet – AddOn® trifocal
Overall IOL portfolio
All IOL details at a glance

Individualized presbyopia correction

The innovative dual lens system enables increased spectacle independence and a unique degree of freedom.

Questions about the AddOn®

Is the AddOn compatible with all customary capsular bag lenses?

Yes, the AddOn is a sulcus lens that is implanted in addition to the capsular bag lens and is compatible with all commonly used IOLs, regardless of their design or material.

Can an AddOn be implanted in each sulcus?

Thanks to their patented features(1), such as sulcus fit with 4 flexible haptics and rotational stability thanks to the non-torque design, the AddOn can be adapted to any sulcus size and shape.


(1) Patent #EP12181744

How long after cataract surgery can an AddOn be implanted?

The AddOn lens can be implanted in the capsular bag any time after lens exchange. If a patient subsequently opts for increased spectacle independence, a trifocal AddOn is exactly the right solution.

How long after implantation can the AddOn be explanted again or exchanged with another AddOn?

The AddOn is placed in the sulcus and is therefore non-traumatically reversible at any time – even many years after the initial surgery.(1)(2)


(1) Khoramnia R, Baur ID, Yan W, Łabuz G, Auffarth GU Comparison of a Presbyopia-Correcting Supplementary Intraocular Lens Combination and a Capsular-Bag Lens: An In Vitro Study. Diagnostics 2023, 13, 1482. (2) Gundersen KG, Gjerdrum B, Potvin R. Efficacy of a Secondary Trifocal Sulcus IOL in Providing Near and Intermediate Vision in Patients with Prior Myopic Laser Vision Correction and Cataract Surgery. Clinical Ophthalmology 2022;16:2219-2226.

Can an AddOn also be implanted in phakic eyes?

No, the AddOn is only designed and patented for implantation in pseudophakic eyes.(1)


(1) Patent #EP12181744

Can the AddOn also be implanted in a single stage together with a capsular bag lens?

Yes, the AddOn lens can be implanted together with the capsular bag lens in a single surgical intervention. When it comes to achieving spectacle independence for patients, the Liberty2 dual-lens system is worth considering.

Trifocality in the sulcus through elevated phase shift

1stQ uses innovative EPS technology. This means: optimized image quality, minimized glistening and outstanding trifocal performance.(1)

Schematic drawing showing the utilization of constructive interferences for creating an intermediate peak through EPS technology

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Literature and references

(1) Palomino-Bautista C, Sánchez-Jean R, Carmona Gonzales D, Romero Domínguez M, Castillo Gómez A. Spectacle independence for pseudophakic patients – Experience with a trifocal supplementary add-on intraocular lens. Clin Ophthalmol. 2020; 14:1043–1054.